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Steve Stewart

Tomato Industry Consultant

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Tomato Ingredient Manufacturers 

Do your tomato ingredient COA's meet your customers' purchase specifications?  Did a rail car of paste or dice get rejected? Are customers questioning your lab results? Do your customers know what is important for their products?    I can speak with your customers to help them understand what is important.

Tomato Ingredient Buyers
Are you buying the correct tomato ingredients for your products?  Is your pizza sauce a little runny? Is your spaghetti sauce too orange? Is your paste yield low when you make catsup? Do the diced tomatoes turn to mush? Does your COA list the correct specifications for your products?     I can help.


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TOMATO 101 Presentation 
I can explain basic or detailed tomato processing to you and your employees.
How is tomato paste made? How are tomatoes peeled? How are tomatoes diced? What is paste finish? Hot break/cold break.... what does that mean? How does an evaporator work in simple terms? How do you read mold, Brix, color, pH, drained weight? Did you have spoilage this season? How is it detected?
I use easy-to-understand terms, neat videos and photos, and interesting demonstrations.

Owners, CEO's, Plant Managers
I can help you and your team optimize your manufacturing operation to deliver ingredients and products your customers expect.

 I can work with your plant operations, engineers, maintenance, marketing, R&D, and Quality Control to achieve your goals.

I can help you with.............
  • Tomato processing ideas
  • Tomato products
  • System layout
  • Tomato ingredient suppliers
  • Manufacturing techniques
  • Yield & Quality improvement
  • Training videos
  • Expert witness

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