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Steve Stewart

Tomato Industry Consultant

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 Manufacturers' questions


  • What is the ideal break temperature?
    • depends on the finished product, customer requirements
  • Why is the paste Bostwick so high?
    • look at varieties, break temp, screens 
  • Why is the paste Bostwick so low?
    •  look at varieties, break temp, screens
  • Can you control paste Bostwick?
    • Yes 
  • Why is paste serum viscosity low?
    • look at varieties, break temp , system
  • Can you increase serum viscosity?
    • Yes 
  • Can you improve paste yield?
    • Yes
  • Can you control paste finish?
    • Yes 
  • How can you reduce tailing moisture?
    • break temp, extractors, screens , volume
  • How can you improve the look of whole peeled tomatoes?
    • varieties, ripeness, peelers
  • Can you improve diced tomato drained weights?
    • Yes
  • Why are the diced tomatoes mushy
    • look at varieties, dicer, calcium treatment, process 
  • How can you be sure the lab results are correct
    • lab audits, training
  • Does your ingredient quality match the COA?
    • your customer will be the first to know
 Remanufacturers' questions


  • Are you buying the best paste and dice for your products?
    • Do you want thicker/thinner sauce, larger/more tomato particulate, red not orange product?
    Is it better to buy cold break or hot break paste?
    • Should your sauce cling to the pasta, or slide off?
  • How can you improve paste and dice yield?
    • Are you using the same formula every time but the yield varies?
    • What about your process system?
  • Why does finished product yield change when you change paste and dice suppliers?
    • Your COA is the same, but something changes. What is it?
  • Why is my spaghetti sauce red sometimes and orange other times?
    • There is an easy answer and remedy
  • Why do the diced tomatoes fall apart in your product?
    • Are you trying to make a chunky sauce, and it looks like puree?
  • Why does the paste finish vary from lot to lot, vendor to vendor?
    • Your COA states 0.033", but it looks like 0.045". Could this be right?
    How does diced tomato drained weight affect yield?
    • Your COA states 65% drain, but you use more dice than your formula calls for.
    • Let's look at your system
  • Why is your catsup runny?
    • The formula is the same, so what is happening?
    • Let's look at your process
  • Is pH important?